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Self-Development Coach

Hi - I’m Marnye, of Envision Results.

I was just an ordinary person living a completely mediocre life. Twenty-five years of administrative and executive work with nowhere to go. I stood behind others and made them shine and picked up all of the little pieces.  Others were accomplishing so much and and yet I was stuck. l unsure of how to begin. After spending some time sobbing at my desk and being told that I should be grateful for a life that was “good enough”. Until one day I made an investment in my own personal coach and mentoring. What a difference that made! 

Today, I help others do exactly what I did - get unstuck! Develop a renewed confidence, Create a life by design rather than accepting what comes their way. People come to me to find the missing pieces. We gain clarity and self understanding. Figure out just what they want and how to get it. Mindsets get changed. 

It is all so do-able and there is no reason to wait. Start dreaming again.

Are you ready?

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